My car has hail damage, how do I fix it?

Restore your vehicle to its original condition with DENTologists paintless dent removal service. Follow these easy steps for fixing hail damage:

1. Insurance – Check If You’re Covered For Hail Damage

Contact your auto insurance provider to see if the hail damage repair is covered under your policy.

2. Make an Insurance Claim.

This usually involves taking the vehicle into a hail repair shop (like DENTologist) and having the employees speak to the claim centre. Although, some insurance companies have their own field inspection and other methods of assessing the damage.

3. Get A Quote

Call any body shop and ask for the price. Most businesses that fix car dents will need to see a photo of the damage or will need to see the vehicle in order to provide a quote. Let the dent repair shop know that you have put in a claim and they can work with you to get the best price.

4. Let Your Insurance Company Know Your Choice

Most repair shops will put the claim in for you but it is always good to know that the insurance company is happy to work with the dent repair shop.

5. Book An Appointment

Give a hail damage repair company a call and book a time to drop your car off. DENTologist offers a mobile dent repair service, we come to your home or work and pick up your car for you! Fixing hail damage is more convenient than ever.

6. Payment Time

When it is time to pay make sure to have all your insurance information with you. Upon consultation, we will be able to iron out the details.

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Hail Damage Repair