Who We Work With

At DENTologist, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and quality work, long after the storm has passed. We are dedicated to building and maintaining strong relationships with each of our valued customers. DENTologist can partner directly with your business to provide invaluable help during times of high volume – keeping your customers happy and keeping your business profitable.

Insurance Companies

We work to reduce supplement rates, increase efficiency, increase productivity and provide customer satisfaction through the unmatched quality of our work.

Car Dealerships

We help you minimize disruption to daily operations, and keep your valuable customers.

Body Shops

Through accurate estimating and highly skilled technicians, we help to increase auto body shop profits and reduce wait times for valued customers.

Retail Clients

DENTologist understands that your car is your pride and joy, and our aim is to help get it back to the way it was – before the storm.